Batbox –  Bringing baseball closer to people by offering the most interactive, competitive and social experience.

“Batbox” is looking to revolutionize sports entertainment as the first experiential concept and technology centered on baseball, looking to bring the sport closer to people in America. “Batbox” uses the most innovative and sophisticated technology in the world, Strikezon, the #1 baseball simulator, to offer a completely new experience, by combining HD screen simulation, high-speed […]

Drops Went From a Star Product in Colombia To Best Seller in Mexico and the United States: Learn More About These High-Quality Cleaning Products

Lizeth Duque is the young entrepreneur, social communicator, journalist, influencer and businesswoman behind Drops By Lizeth Duque, an international company that offers high-quality cleaning products in Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Facing the challenges and difficulties that the COVID 19 pandemic brought to the entrepreneurial industry, Lizeth was forced to set aside her previous […]

Cultural Commentator Mouse Jones  Starred in “WAX FACTS” on Rock The Bells Platform 

Hip-Hop Fans abroad can all agree that “Freedom of Speech” in HIP-HOP or, for that matter, in any “Mainstream” Creative Space, isn’t necessarily as “free”- as it once was.  The heightened social sensitivity we’ve seen develop into “Cancelation” has become the ultimate consequence no Artist, Influencer, or Platform wants to come face-to-face with due to […]