Axel Morales Creates SKÜL: New Fast Method to Be Fluent in English

Axel Morales is the founder of SKÜL-Learning, an enterprise destined to empower Spanish speakers through English lessons and coaching sessions. His services cover many types of people: from individuals looking to improve their language or businesses that want to target their products in international markets. At 28 years old, Axel is considered one of the […]

Learn from Experts of Advanced Aesthetics with Praxis Studio

Praxis Studio is the Netflix for aesthetics. It is an online tool for professional health and beauty studies at the hand of experts. It gathers the most updated information and techniques and provides it through an online platform. It is the best platform so beauty estheticians can stay up to date with all the trends […]

Viral Media: Organic Social Media Positioning & Growth

Viral Media is a digital marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience positioning artists, businesses and public figures. With its effective strategies and campaigns to drive your social media, it has more than 15,000 clients worldwide. “We believe people can take advantage of their social media as long as they are advised by […]

Swimming with Rivertown Academy: The Academy Standard 

Conceived from the minds of Victor Penaloza and Jeffery McClung, Rivertown Academy is the best spot to learn how to swim. Rivertown Academy teaches, trains, and develops swimmers from all different ages and backgrounds to learn how to be safe and competitive in the water.  Rivertown Academy is not your average swim lesson program. At […]