Armando Ortiz, Also Known as El Mindo Ortiz, is a Digital Content Creator and Expert in Developing Organic Strategies For Brands

Armando Ortiz, also known as Mindo, is a digital content creator from Cali, Colombia, and expert in the development of organic strategies for national and international brands. 

Armando has worked with major brands and companies such as Warner Music, Mars, Apple, and Facebook. Being able to communicate to people who experience Latino culture using humor and entertainment has opened doors for him in television.

In 2019 I was part of the reality show ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ and in 2020-21 in the Netflix series ‘Chichipatos,’ an unforgettable space that also opened the way for me to venture into the big screen with the film ‘Paseo 6.’” Armando shares.

At the beginning, Mindo worked in the communications team of a financial institution, where he stood out thanks to his creativity. However, life had prepared another path for him. Unexpectedly, Mindo suffered an accident and broke his tibia and fibula, which left him disabled in bed for a month. 

During that time, while Mindo was recovering, social media were his refuge and he began to consume a lot of content, which made him see that by combining his creativity, his sense of humor, and his corporate work experience, he could make a living through social media. 

I decided to start creating digital content after my accident in 2014. For me, a sense of humor has always been something completely transversal, a quality that has characterized me and that I implemented in my content from the beginning. I never stopped being me. I just made an effort. I realized that I had a future, and I worked very hard to get to this point. At first I was looking for the guy who broke my tibia and fibula to make my life miserable, but now I’m looking for him to give him a hug and thank him because he changed my life for the better.” Mindo says.

Mindo has come a long way in the digital world through which he has gained experience and knowledge, especially in the strategic area, as he has been a creator and has participated in branding and positioning strategies, which go from online to offline media with 360 launch campaigns.

Mindo is a creator of native digital content. He uses his humor and creativity to highlight through his content the customs of Latin American people. He is also co-founder of the agency Ranga Media Company, an Influencer Marketing and Talent Manager agency, which is currently responsible for the representation of more than 20 Latin American talents, celebrities and athletes.  

“In social media, there is one more point to take into account: you must have a mentality prepared for constant change, to reinvent yourself over and over again, adapting to formats and content all the time. That is the secret, to be constant, study and research.” Mindo explains. 

No matter how skilled or expert a person is, no one is exempt from making a mistake at some point or failing in something. This is why all entrepreneurs and creatives face obstacles along their path.

There are many moments in which, after so many years, you can run out of new ideas, and it is very easy to fall into banal content such as gossip and scandal to grow. However, my principles and my values fortunately have been stronger than that, and I have managed to get ahead by being irreverent to these types of content with which I have never agreed.” Mindo claims.

Mindo has managed to differentiate himself from the other content creators because of his willpower and perseverance. Besides, he does not focus on being the best, he focuses on being unique. 

Today, Mindo pursues a specific goal: to raise the flag of his country, Colombia, and his city, Cali, very high, relying on his content creation and healthy idiosyncrasy to achieve such objectives, always providing the best content to his audience.  

Most recently, Mindo produced a video with Ryan Reynolds to promote his movie “The Adam Project.” In the video, Mindo makes use of his character “Kevin David.” Soon after sharing with both Mindo and Reynolds’ fans, the video became viral.

In the near future, Mindo is focused on captivating the Anglo Hispanic audience through his content, which always seeks to make Latino culture visible and accessible. Learn more here.

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