Arturo Aranda: Mexican Audiovisual Artist Shows the World Through His Peculiar Lenses & Perspective. Get to Know His Work & Story!

Arturo Aranda is an audiovisual artist. He creates music videos, short films, advertising videos for brands and for political campaigns. Nowadays, he stands out as a promise to the world of audiovisuals, but this has not always been the case.

In the beginning, Arturo made many projects for free or at a very low price. His goal was to show people his talent and what he was capable of creating, trusting his gut, talent and hard work. 

Working in the audiovisual world is not cheap, so he started with the most basic equipment and later, with the retribution of his work he began buying better cameras, lenses, computing equipment and the necessary software to deliver the best work possible.

“Usually, personal cinematography productions do not give me any economic retribution, which is why I looked for a way to make something that I am passionate about and that gave me money to live. This is how I realized visual creators with vision, closeness and commitment to the projects lack in the industry”, comments Arturo. And he, of course, decided to take advantage of this.

For his first project, he talked to many internet and acting figures in Mexico and financed it through crowdfunding. After that, he worked alongside great Mexican artists. His second film project won the jury’s award in one of the most prestigious Mexican film festivals, which allowed him to direct many governmental Mexican projects and musical videos. He has managed to build an artistic career from scratch in a successful way.

To Arturo, success has two versions. The first one is the one he felt when he launched his first short film in 2016, which then distributed itself in different cinematic festivals, especially in one of the most important in Mexico. Then, it reached Cannes and won the  State Award for Youth and the Medal of Artistic Merit from the Mexican government. This important milestone motivated him to get out of his city and find new opportunities that have allowed him to economically support his parents, which brings him an enormous amount of satisfaction.

Arturo’s parents taught him to work hard from a very young age. When he decided to work on his film and audiovisual career, he focused on his personal projects and his career, always guided by his parent’s teaching.

In the future, Arturo plans to create his first feature film about the LGBTQ+ protest in Mexico City. He plans to show how it was born, the historical, social and cultural context of the moment and how these voices have created an echo that continues to sound nowadays. “I’d like to support the cause from my space, my art, my eyes, and my peculiar way of telling stories”.

Additionally, Arturo will be retaking his internet projects like talking in his Youtube channel. And continue with his videos that have gone trending on the internet, where he goes out to the streets and asks people if he could take free pictures of them. This way, he turns anybody into a model, which turns out into an interesting outcome and shows the internet what happens at that exact moment.

His work has allowed him to meet many incredible people in the entertainment industry, making him grow even more with different projects and works. If you want to know more about Arturo’s art, click here.

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