Create, Grow & Maintain Real Wealth with Uplevel Entrepreneur

For more than 20 years Edward Collins has helped business owners grow and scale their businesses up to and through 7 figures. He specializes in helping family-focused, freedom-loving entrepreneurs to create and keep what he refers to as Real Wealth. Edward has an impressive academic background: he is a Doctor of Law, Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, and Registered Financial Consultant.

After two decades of working with business owners 1 to 1,, in November of last year, Edward created Uplevel Entrepreneur, a business consulting and coaching company to complement his done-for-you services offered through a number of his other businesses. “Uplevel Entrepreneur is the ecosystem I wish I had access to when I was building my own companies all those years ago”, he comments. With Uplevel Entrepreneur, he can impact more people and serve those he wouldn’t otherwise have the bandwidth to help.

Uplevel focuses on sharing the tested-in-the-trenches tools, techniques and strategies Edward has personally used and helped others to implement as well. Its pillars are: applied financial literacy concepts, resources management and wealth creation and protection. “The goal of this entire process is to assist them in creating a Real Wealth Matrix, an integrated structure for their entire financial life that organizes operations and protects all their belongings and makes sure their assets are strategically positioned to achieve the best business performance, tax benefits, and liability protection”, he shares.

Edward believes that the biggest challenge most business owners face is the lack of real business knowledge. Naturally, he states that the most important thing when starting a business is investing in yourself, to get the knowledge and skill sets that  better position you for making informed business decisions. With his consulting, he hopes to help such owners to acquire the knowledge they need to get to the next level. His educational background in finance and law provides him a holistic and deep understanding of the business world to best advise his community.

About his services, he shares: “I give my audience a proprietary system for organizing and managing their financial life so that they can live the life they truly want, by design and not by default. Financial Literacy, Plug the Profit Leaks, Implement Systems, and Scale are milestone in the road map to the Real Wealth Matrix.

His products are a result of many successes but also many failures. Edward shares that he made the gravest mistakes the first few years operating his first business. He had proficiency in financial markets and investments, but he knew nothing about running a business. So he hired people not aligned with the company’s goal, went into personal debt and spent most of his money on non-revenue generating or supporting expenses. Being a stubborn person, he persisted many years doing the “wrong things”, until he left his ego aside and admitted that he needed help and sought mentors who could guide him.

Edward is focused on Uplevel Entrepreneur. They have a solid foundation for the company to grow and fulfill its purpose of helping 1 million business owners to create and keep what he refers as “Real Wealth” so they can live a financially free life. He also shares a lot of wealth wisdom through his personal Tik Tok page.

Edward’s interest in money and business started at a very young age. He started a limonade stand franchise the summer after 2nd grade. While that’s a story for another day, it was the foundation of what has eventually grown to numerous businesses built and scaled up to and through 6 and 7 figures. He finds fulfilment in the pursuit  of his mission: “I want to positively impact the lives of those who I am privileged to serve, and be the cause of many great ripples thereafter”.   

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