From Casual to Formal, Camila Sarasty’s By Sarasty Brings Unique Conscious Versatile Handmade Pieces to the Fashion Industry 

Camila Sarasty is a Colombian fashion designer and marketing professional currently established in New York City. She runs her own virtual clothing brand By Sarasty, a versatile proposal in the fashion industry.

By Sarasty launched its first collection TOURMALINE in New York’s Fashion Week. It consists of 15 designs inspired by precious stones, symbolizing their mysticism and their particular meaning, so that clients can identify with each one of them. 

Camila graduated from Arturo Tejada Cano Institute in Colombia, where she formed as a designer and fashion creator nationally and internationally. After 8 years of experience in the industry, Camila started her own brand with the objective of creating pieces that can be worn in any occasion. By Sarasty is guided by the word versatility.

She’s also a conscious designer. “From casual to formal, with only one garment, our clients are satisfied to wear our designs. By Sarasty has a compromise with the environment creating clothes with recycled fabrics, with 0 water digital stamping.” By Sarasty helps its users to know many ways to wear its pieces, which you can see in this video

Its designs consist of luxury handmade pashminas and bandanas, with fresh and light textures to highlight the beauty of women. With its originality, versatility and environmental consciousness, By Sarasty hopes to become a Fashion Transforming brand.

This was part of her motivation to create her brand. She wants to impact people’s lives by offering something different: handmade luxury pieces that connect on a physical and personal level with her clients in any part of the world. But behind this was a more urgent matter: the high consumption and waste in the fashion industry.

When she realized the magnitude of this issue, she decided to start a brand that had purpose and that was friendly to the environment. Four years ago, when she arrived in New York, she began her journey with By Sarasty and has not stopped since.     

Camila stands out because of her creativity in unique pieces. She is respectful and an admirer of her colleagues, which allows her to learn from them. Nevertheless, her strengths in business have been acquired since she was a little girl. She grew up in a family with a commercial vein, teaching her about managing businesses, sales, services, design, marketing and more. 

“I consider myself a creative person with different and innovative proposals, and the development of versatile pieces is what characterizes me in the fashion industry”, comments Camila.

To Camila, a healthy state of mind is fundamental to start your own business. It will help you advance and improve. It will also help you overcome your doubts and fears to execute your project. With a prepared mindset, you will be able to analyze your idea, develop it with passion and determination. But the most important thing is to believe in what you’re doing. 

Camila Sarasty continues to work on her clothing brand taking into consideration economic factors as well as her passion for fashion to execute future projects. Her pieces are available to all the US and Colombia, you can  look at her pieces in her brand’s webpage here and find inspiration on how to use them here.   

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