Influencer, model and entrepreneur: María Elisa Lugo, also known as, confesses that her secret to success is perseverance and discipline.

María Elisa Lugo is a Venezuelan model, influencer and entrepreneur. She founded a balloon decoration startup, is the face of Pretty Little Thing, and is an ambassador for Bang Energy.

María Elisa moved to the United States pursuing the American dream in a land full of opportunities with the goal of helping her family in Venezuela. In her home country, she dedicated herself to her profession as a lawyer. Now in the United States, because of her beauty and determination, she works as a model while managing her business.

When you ask María Elisa what was her motivation to start her business, she answers: “The will to be productive and prosperous.” This has pushed her through the tough times. María Elisa 

is a survivor of a foreign body in the liver, which changed her life completely. From that moment, health became the first priority. This helps her balance her work life with her personal life.

Before her current occupation, María Elisa dedicated herself to different businesses. In 2017 she opened a beauty center with manicure, pedicure and waxing services. From there, she had her own healthy natural tea franchise and founded an organization that helps children from vulnerable backgrounds in Venezuela.

Currently, María Elisa also works on her personal beauty products. “I just never stop,” she says. She claims that her mindset is what helped her achieve the goals she set for herself. Discipline and quality are essential when starting a business.

The hardest part of having your own brand is building your name and being recognized among many companies and businesses. That is why it is necessary to work hard to create a good reputation, as well as to set goals and constantly update them.

She encourages others to find something they are truly interested in and passionate about. This will make it fascinating and will require some weight, so it won’t always feel like hard work. In addition, María Elisa does not believe in rivalry or competition. “There will always be better and worse, but that can never define you. Your interior is the only one that counts when you shine through your own work”, she affirms.

As Maria Elisa continues to work to launch her beauty line, she wants to tell people to focus on her goals and always keep dreaming once they reach them. “I think that’s the key to success, to create, produce and improve yourself every day without stopping!”

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