Meet Paula Landino: The Entrepreneur Helping People Launch and Grow Their Digital Business Franchises

Paula Landino is an entrepreneur and expert in digital business franchises that work in the network marketing industry. She connects with her customers through Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and her podcast “Formando Líderes.

Paula began her journey four years ago transferring the experience gained as a traditional entrepreneur to the digital world. She is able to launch digital businesses without leaving aside her role as a mother to care for her family while generating income from home or anywhere else in the world.

Working with organizations in more than 30 countries, I am the top-earning Venezuelan in my company in the USA and the highest-paid Venezuelan in the network marketing industry.” Paula comments.

After 14 years of developing restaurant franchises in her native Venezuela, Paula and her husband realized the possibility of making money through digital franchises from home through the internet. 

That was four years ago, and since then Paula and her husband began to prepare and educate themselves in order to understand and act to make their business a success.

Now, Paula is able to provide people with education services on topics such as the financial markets, travel platforms to travel with great discounts, and create a leveraged eCommerce store with exclusive products and services for each country.

Paula differentiates herself from her competitors because of her ability to lead with love, humility, and purpose. Her motto is: “your dreams are non-negotiable.”

After having traveled a long road with ups and downs, and having been able to achieve success in the digital world, Paula recommends people who intend to start their own business or brand to study everything related to the industry they intend to enter.

“Anyone looking to start their own business or brand should read, attend events, find a mentor or guide along the way, make a plan, develop a good mindset through education, reading, entering events, find a mentor to guide along the way, attend events, make a plan, and develop a good mindset through education. This is what provides people with enough strength and courage to move forward when difficulties arise.” Paula advises, and adds, “But most importantly, never give up.”

In her professional path, Paula has managed to overcome many obstacles but one of the most challenging was the death of her mother, who she credits for teaching her many things. This unfortunate event gave her a new perspective on life, family and gratitude.

On the other hand, Paula also managed to overcome the struggles of business environments, including understanding that it does not matter who wants to leave, what matters is who is committed to achieving their goals.

In the future, Paula wants to positively impact the lives of 100,000 families through her services and support in the creation of digital business franchises. You can learn more about her and her work here

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