Taneth Gimenez Shows Every Day Through Her Social Media Platforms That Living a Healthy and Active Life is Possible

Taneth Gimenez is a fitness model and enthusiast, a proud mom of two children in the spectrum, and a nutritionist who runs a marketing and advertising company, and will soon join the real estate industry.

Taneth is a fitness mom who every day shows through her social media platforms that it is possible to achieve the body that all women want after having children, while at the same time being the breadwinner and main provider in her home.

After my divorce I took custody of my children and raised them alone. I also decided to go ahead and promote having a healthy and active life through my social media.” Taneth says.

Today, Taneth is a source of inspiration for other women who she helps to believe in their own incredible potential and that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Throughout her career, Taneth’s motivation has been her children and the responsibility to protect their future and provide them with everything they need to have the best quality of life.

My children are my greatest inspiration. I have a great responsibility to protect their future since they both are on the autism spectrum, and I want to build a stable future for them today. Everyday I try to do something that brings me closer to the goal of that dream and to surpass myself.” Taneth shares.

Taneth decided to start her own business after getting divorced and starting to depend solely on her income. She felt that when she was married there were many limitations preventing her from developing her full potential.

“When I was married I had many limitations that prevented me from developing my full potential. When I discovered that I had to get ahead for my children, I discovered that incredible inner strength that we all have deep down inside.” She recounts.

Not everything has been rosy for Taneth, who had to start from scratch with her two children in the United States where she had to adapt to the culture and learn a new language. But she managed to get ahead with her faith.

When I decided to migrate here, I did it alone with my two children, $20 in my pocket, a suitcase full of dreams and so much faith that it did not fit in my body. God has been the creator of everything. He opened doors for me where I didn’t even know they existed. He gave me opportunities that I would have never imagined, and He helped me grow greatly in my social media. It was him through me. I could not have achieved anything on my own.” Taneth states.

Taneth has managed to differentiate herself from other fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists because she has maintained her essence. Nonetheless, she does not like to compare herself with other people considering that her only competition is herself.

I try daily to be a better person in every way without having to diminish the brilliance of someone else to excel. I don’t have to put myself above someone else. I simply believe that everyone has an authentic gift and that we have come with a special mission to this world.” Taneth shares.

Just seven months after giving birth and soon after Taneth decided to enter the world of fitness and training to prove that there are no limits when a person sets out to achieve something, she won a bodybuilding competition.

After that moment I continued to bet on my fitness journey which led to my work today.” Taneth says.

In the near future, Taneth’s projects include expanding her own brand and growing professionally in the real estate industry. Her biggest dream is to buy a house for her children and family.

“I am working for it, step by step, to achieve the stability, and tranquility that I want so much in my life.” She adds.

If you want to know more about Taneth, you can follow her through her social media platforms on Youtube and TikTok, as well as here.

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