The New 3 Cs You Should Be Paying Attention to According to Brand Strategist Camila Straschnoy

Camila Straschnoy is a brand consultant, trends researcher, and founder of the consulting agency MATE HOUSE. Under Straschnoy’s direction, a talented team of researchers and creatives helps brands evolve, connect, sell, and stay relevant globally in an ever-evolving landscape.  MATE HOUSE works with clients with tested and unique methods to identify the ingredients in their […]

From Highschool Dropout to Millennial Wealth Builder

At a time where many Americans are recovering from losing their jobs and struggling to put food on the table because of the pandemic, Serial Entrepreneur Breona Anderson is stepping up  to pay it forward with a Financial Literacy Tour that will help families and entrepreneurs regain their momentum to grow their financial legacies.   Breona […]