Poetica Coffee’s aim, from farm to latte, is to inspire with each sip

The events of 2020 have had a significant impact on millions of businesses and enterprises. Nonetheless, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the coffee landscape has prevailed and is now experiencing an uptick. Poetica Coffee is one of these, which began as a father’s only hope to support his family and has since grown […]

South Korea’s Self Made Tattoo Artist and Mentor- Eunbee Jung

Meet Eunbee Jung, owner of Eunb Tattoo and well known artist in Seoul, South Korea for her intrinsic and articulate tattoo designs. Eunbee immersed herself into the world of art and the tattoo industry at a young age. She always loved to draw and paint, yet as she got older she took a chance with […]

“How to Lose Weight PERMANENTLY in 2022 with Self Made Entrepreneur and Body Shred Specialist James Jiang”

Meet James Jiang, CEO of Boundless Fitness, a coaching business specializing in long term sustainable fat-loss. With obesity rates surging in America, James is addressing an alarming issue through Boundless Fitness, where his team provides coaching for men/women customizing online programs to meet their specific fitness goals and needs. They deliver everything from sustainable diet […]