Venezuelan doctor received an award from the International Society for Research, Health, Business Development and Technologies

Press.- The Venezuelan Doctor Omidres Pérez de Carvelli, internist, endocrinologist and president of the International Organization of Telemedicine and Telehealth, received the Prize to the leader a research and health sciences for the benefit of mankind 2021 – 2022” (Award to the leader in research and health sciences for the benefit of humanity 2021-2022), during […]

Maurice Wilson II Went from Commissioned Officer in the Army to an Entrepreneur Giving Back to Other Black Owned Businesses. Find Out More Below.

For many black owned businesses, there are very limited resources out there that are designed to help black entrepreneurs succeed. Because of this, economic downturn, like that caused by the pandemic, takes a particularly large toll on black business owners that almost certainly removes them from the world of business. However, there are many people […]