US transfers two brothers detained in Guantánamo to Pakistan

The United States transferred two brothers detained at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to Pakistan, the Defense Department announced Thursday, as part of the Biden administration’s ongoing efforts to close the prison. Abdul Rabbani and Mohammed Rabbani were detained during the decades-long US war on terror for operating safe houses used by members of the al […]

US grants political asylum to pilot who fled Cuba in a Soviet-era crop duster plane

The United States Justice granted political asylum to a Cuban pilot who fled the island four months ago in a Soviet-made crop duster plane and landed at an airport in South Florida, his lawyer Eduardo Soto reported on Friday. Martínez Machado was at a Pompano Beach immigration center while immigration authorities were reviewing his case, […]

Get To Know Powdevs: The Software Staffing Company That Specializes In Building Custom Software Development Teams For Businesses & That Seeks To Become The Best Software Talent Hunters In The Market

Rico Rodriguez and Manuel Garcia are quite amazing businessmen and entrepreneurs. They are founders of Powdevs, the company that delivers exceptional software development solutions to businesses based in North America. The business is a staffing company that focuses on software talent. They advance technology capabilities for companies in the United States and in Canada and […]