New York City appoints its first-ever ‘rat czar’

The search for New York City’s first-ever “rat czar” has come to an end. Kathleen Corradi has been hired as the city ‘s director of rodent mitigation, Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday. Corradi will coordinate city agencies such as the Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Parks and Recreation, and Sanitation and find “innovative ways […]

American volunteer fighter died in Ukraine, family says

A US citizen died while volunteering in the fighting in Ukraine Friday, his family told CNN. Edward Wilton, 22, of Florida, had been in Ukraine for nearly a year at the time of his death, his half-brother Parker Cummings told CNN by phone Wednesday. The US Embassy told the family of his death Monday, Cummings […]

Sister of Paul Whelan presses White House to bring her brother home

The sister of Paul Whelan, a US citizen who is wrongfully detained in Russia, on Thursday expressed frustration at her brother’s continued imprisonment in Russia and called on the White House to bring him home. “Paul Whelan deserves better than he is getting for results. He has the White House’s attention to his case and […]

21-year-old’s arrest exposes larger classified documents problem

Sloppy presidents saving things for posterity. A secretary of state getting government data forwarded to her private email server. Ideologically motivated leakers Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner. Now, maybe a 21-year-old airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, a cyber transport systems specialist, apparently showing off to his teenage gaming buddies online. If […]

From Credit Card Debt To Success: Nick Maciel’s Journey Behind Cadversity and I2P Accelerator

Nick Maciel, also known as “Chief Product”, is an entrepreneur, first-generation college graduate, and son of a Brazilian immigrant, who runs different companies including the notable product development agency Cadversity. “We work with motivated entrepreneurs and independent creators to deliver their own branded product to retail stores within 90 days, guaranteed,” says Nick. For each […]