US Army grounds air units for training after deadly helicopter crashes

Army air units in the US have been grounded for training after deadly helicopter crashes in Alaska and Kentucky killed 12 soldiers in the past month. Operations have been suspended with immediate effect until personnel undergo instruction. For active-duty units, the training will take place in the coming week, while national guard and reserve troops […]

Palm Beach Tornado: Wind flips cars and damages homes in coastal Florida city

A powerful tornado overturned cars, damaged homes and snapped tree branches in Florida as an intense storm system brought rain and strong winds to the US state over the weekend. The tornado hit late on Saturday afternoon with winds of 100mph near Palm Beach Gardens Medical Centre, in Palm Beach, and headed northeast towards the […]

First Republic: JP Morgan to take over assets after lender becomes fourth to fail in two months

JP Morgan has agreed a deal with regulators to acquire the “substantial majority” of First Republic’s assets, including $173 billion (£138bn) of loans. The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation announced early on Monday it had taken possession of First Republic and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) would act as its receiver. The […]