Israel’s war cabinet indicates date for Rafah ground invasion

A member of Israel’s war cabinet has indicated a ground invasion of Rafah may begin around Ramadan, which is expected to start on 10 March. Retired general Benny Gantz, part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s three-member war cabinet, told a conference of Jewish American leaders: “If by Ramadan our hostages are not home, the fighting […]

University of Colorado: Two people shot dead in campus dormitory room

Two people have died after being shot in a university dormitory room, police in the US have said. The unnamed victims were found dead by officers, who responded to reports of a shooting at the Alpine Village campus, part of the University of Colorado, in Colorado Springs, at around 6am on Friday. The Colorado Springs […]

Catherine ‘Kasha’ Rigby: Renowned US skier dies in Kosovo avalanche

Rigby, 54, known as Kasha, died on Tuesday at Brezovica mountain resort in Kosovo, Magnis Wofe Murray said in a message response on Facebook. Mr Murray said on Saturday: “We were to be married in September. Now I’m widowed and devastated.” The resort’s official account posted on Instagram a picture of rescuers on a snowy […]

Melisa Estrada: A Journey of Passion and Flavors

In social media, where culinary creations captivate our senses, Melisa Estrada Bustamante shines as a dedicated food influencer. Meli Tastes’s platform transcends the ordinary; she is a visionary businesswoman and culinary consultant with aspirations beyond the virtual landscape. Melisa’s journey started with her motivation to share her gastronomic moments with friends and family. However, determined […]