US teenager among three killed in Swiss Alps avalanche

An American teenager is among three people who have been killed in an avalanche near the Zermatt resort in the Swiss Alps, police have said. The 15-year-old was killed alongside a man and woman whose identities have not yet been confirmed, police said. A 20-year-old Swiss man was flown to hospital with serious injuries after […]

Florida Everglades boat tour overturns in alligator-infested waters

A man has been arrested after a boat overturned in alligator-infested waters in the Florida Everglades.  Nine people on an airboat tour of the area – including tourists from Puerto Rico and Canada – and the driver fell into the water when the boat made a sharp turn to see an alligator but flipped over […]

Raúl Borja and CIBOCHEM: Transforming Agriculture with Organic Biostimulation

Raúl Borja is a visionary entrepreneur from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, who has devoted his life to revolutionizing agriculture through biostimulation.  With two generations of farmers in his family, it’s no surprise that Raúl inherited a passion for growing fruits, vegetables and biennial crops like cotton, soybeans and sorghum.  Raul embarks on a journey of […]