Meet the creative self made man, actor, and writer June Shelton

Meet June Shelton, the multifaceted actor and writer from Detroit whose passion led him to writing films, music as well as comedy skits. With his acting and writing skills (and now music under his belt) mixed with his “boy next door” charm, he is guaranteed to draw out many different emotions on and off screen. […]

Meet Maryam Pirband: The Iranian/ American Film Director, Author and Actor Who Has Written Books, Produced Short Films, and Directed her first feature Film “Dandelion Season”.

When people want to express their thoughts and ideas, including their own life or that of others, they often do so through a play, a book, or a movie, a tradition that goes back many years.  Throughout history, there have been great directors who have helped to recreate through cinematographic works the life and work […]