Alejandro Herrera, Also Known As Alenoise, Is A Successful Artist and Producer Who Founded MasterWaves Records To Help Many Artist Create High Quality Music

Alejandro Herrera, also known as Alenoise, is an amazing Colombian artist, composer and producer.  He is signed by Sony Music Publishing and has had a very successful career since 2014. What’s more, Alenoise is recognized for his contemporary pop proposal and for having produced music for renowned artists such as Cabas, Fanny Lu, Vetto Galvez, […]

South Korea’s Self Made Tattoo Artist and Mentor- Eunbee Jung

Meet Eunbee Jung, owner of Eunb Tattoo and well known artist in Seoul, South Korea for her intrinsic and articulate tattoo designs. Eunbee immersed herself into the world of art and the tattoo industry at a young age. She always loved to draw and paint, yet as she got older she took a chance with […]