Reasons Why You Need To Work With A Relationship Coach: Jorge Espinosa Shares More

Relationships are foundational to our sense of happiness in the world. In that sense, a relationship coach helps both couples and individuals learn the tools to make relationships thrive. While differences and disagreements are a normal part of a relationship, a coach helps you see that you can still be successful partners,provided you have good […]

Meet Dewayne Moore: The Former Football Player, Coach, Community Activist and Leader Who Is Making an Extraordinary Impact on Society Through His Foundation

Dewayne Moore is a former football player and coach turned, global visioning, provocative thinker, who has passion for healthy transformation in individuals, organizations and the world. He is also a teacher and a writer who seeks to not only motivate, but deliver practical tools for sustained empowerment . Currently, he has shared this message of […]

Jumpstart Your New Fitness Journey With Coach Sean Maynard Global Fitness Coaching LLC’s The 3 NFH Method – Nutrition, Fitness, & Hormone Health

Meet Sean Maynard- CEO of Global Fitness Coaching LLC, certified Integrative Nutritional Wellness & Hormone Health Practitioner and Master  Fitness  Instructor who has accumulated over 13 health/wellness certifications and accolades just in the past decade. Through Global Fitness Coaching LLC, Sean has successfully garnered hundreds clients searching for new solutions to help them look their […]

Serina Alashi- the self made fitness coach who can help evolve your mind

Meet Serina Alashi, founder of Mind Body Gainz Fitness. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she provides online and in person fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. Serina guides entrepreneurs and busy working professionals in reprogramming their subconscious mind and improving their daily habits to develop the freedom and structure they desire in their life through Compassionate Discipline. […]