FBI disrupts hacking network ‘linked to Russian intelligence services’

US officials say they have disrupted a hacking network linked to Russian intelligence services. They say the hackers – believed to be from the secretive hacking arm of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (better known as the GRU) – gained access to more than 1,000 personal and small business internet routers in the US and around […]

Chinese hackers preparing to ‘wreak havoc’ on US, warns FBI chief Christopher Wray

Cyber hackers working for the Chinese government are preparing to “wreak havoc” on the US, FBI director Christopher Wray is warning. Critical infrastructure such as water treatment plants, the electrical grid, and transportation systems are being targeted to cause “real-world harm” to American citizens, he will tell US politicians on Wednesday. Mr Wray will speak […]

FBI records reveal ‘ever-present’ threats to Queen Elizabeth II by the IRA

Newly released FBI files show the bureau was concerned about “ever-present” threats to Queen Elizabeth II by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during visits to the US. A memo warning agents in Boston and New York to remain “alert for any threats” ahead of a 1989 visit to the east coast was among 102 pages […]

Jack Teixeira: What we know about the leaks

The FBI used billing records from an internet social media app to unmask US airman Jack Teixeira as a suspect over the leak of top-secret military documents, court documents showed. The leak is believed to have started on the Discord chat platform, frequently used by people who play online games. Discord said it was cooperating […]

FBI says $10 billion lost to online fraud in 2022

More than $10 billion in losses from online scams were reported to the FBI in 2022, the highest annual loss in the past five years, according to a new report from the bureau of investigations. The more than $3 billion increase in online fraud reports from 2021 to 2022 was fueled by the fact that […]