Mouse Jones Inks Deal W/ Rock The Bells: “WAX FACTS” set to Premiere 2/17/2022 

Hip-Hop Fans abroad can all agree that “Freedom of Speech” in HIP-HOP or, for that matter, in any “Mainstream” Creative Space, isn’t necessarily as “free”- as it once was.  The heightened social sensitivity we’ve seen develop into “Cancelation” has become the ultimate consequence no Artist, Influencer, or Platform wants to come face-to-face with due to […]

Sammy Rigaud- The next Hip Hop Icon

Meet Sammy Rigaud– Teacher, author, DJ, based in Atlanta, GA, and well-known rapper for telling his life story through his music to youth audiences all over the world.  From Miami, Florida, Sammy is the son of two Haitian immigrants who traveled to the U.S. for a better life. As a first-generation Haitian American, and at […]