UFOs: Pentagon launches ‘one-stop shop’ website for declassified information

Declassified information about resolved UFO sightings will be available on a new website set up by the US defense department.  The Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website launch comes amid increased attention on reported UFO sightings. In July, whistleblowers told a Congress hearing the US government was “hiding crucial information” about UFOs, months after NASA’s first […]

Jack Teixeira: What we know about the leaks

The FBI used billing records from an internet social media app to unmask US airman Jack Teixeira as a suspect over the leak of top-secret military documents, court documents showed. The leak is believed to have started on the Discord chat platform, frequently used by people who play online games. Discord said it was cooperating […]

21-year-old’s arrest exposes larger classified documents problem

Sloppy presidents saving things for posterity. A secretary of state getting government data forwarded to her private email server. Ideologically motivated leakers Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Reality Winner. Now, maybe a 21-year-old airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, a cyber transport systems specialist, apparently showing off to his teenage gaming buddies online. If […]