South Korea’s Self Made Tattoo Artist and Mentor- Eunbee Jung

Meet Eunbee Jung, owner of Eunb Tattoo and well known artist in Seoul, South Korea for her intrinsic and articulate tattoo designs. Eunbee immersed herself into the world of art and the tattoo industry at a young age. She always loved to draw and paint, yet as she got older she took a chance with […]

Manuel Cruz Empowering Tattoo Artists Through 10K Foxes Studio

Meet Manuel Cruz, owner of the tattoo parlor franchise- 10K Foxes, now with locations in LA, NYC, and other cities across the U.S. As an artist, Manuel has turned personal disadvantages into some beneficial and despite those social and economic factors, he continued drawing and tattooing for the past 20 years while constantly building on […]