Where Creativity and Community Come Together: Get To Know Zalva, The Unique Colombian Brand Founded By Designer Natalia Vergara

With a rich heritage of Indigenous crafts, access to beautiful raw materials and an exciting contemporary design scene, Colombia is truly a paradise for design! In that sense, Zalva is an unique Colombian brand that preserves the legacy of ancestral weaving, through the talented hands of master craftsmen they create unique pieces where tradition, art and fashion come together to give life to a timeless work of art an expression of luxury embodied in patterns and colors that speak of transitions, hope and joy.

Natalia Vergara is the founder of this successful brand, along with her husband Santiago Granada. They had a vision to create a brand that not only celebrated the beauty of Colombian craftsmanship, but also preserved it for future generations, that’s why they work tirelessly to support and empower local communities of artisans. 

The result is a product that not only reflects the beauty and richness of their culture, but also the creativity and ingenuity of their designers.

“ZALVA carries in its essence authenticity and magic in each creation, our pieces are woven in recovered micro fiberglass where we use approximately 25,000 beads with an estimated time of 7 to 10 days of work, dedication and love”, Natalia shares.

Natalia is a fashion designer and businesswoman who has always felt a great passion for Colombian culture, from there the idea of creating the Zalva brand was born. Throughout the process of creating her business, she had to go back to her roots and understand where she came from in order to reflect it in her beautiful creations. 

To date, she’s committed to ensuring that every Zalva product is 100% handmade, unique and infused with the knowledge of Colombian craftsmanship.

“Through these creations we give voice to the culture of these Colombian communities. Variations in shape, color and texture are due to the nature of the artisanal materials and techniques used throughout the process”, Natalia adds.

Zalva was born in 2020 in Colombia as a family project in a time of growth and change for everyone. Currently, it is recognized for being a brand with soul, worked by creative hands that are full of passion and love for what they do.

“We use ancestral weaving and manufacturing techniques from our country and we consciously bring it to fashion. This has led us to share and highlight our brand in all fashion spaces in LATAM and the rest of the world”, she details.

Zalva recently participated in the curatorship of the Latin American fashion summit in the Dominican Republic, an important fashion event in Latin America, attended by prestigious international buyers such as Maria Williams from Net-a-porter and Trisha Gregory from Luxury at Amazon. Undoubtedly, this wonderful opportunity opened a window of international growth and brand expansion for the Colombian brand.

“We are currently working on designing the ZALVAfine jewelry line where we will explore Colombian precious stones and pieces cast in our country, which will perfectly complement the other Zalva pieces. We believe in our talent and in the power of local Colombian crafts!”,  Natalia concludes.

To find out more about Zalva, click here.

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