Meet Mariana Umana, self made businesswoman and mother

If you are looking for a space where you can openly laugh, learn, and share your experiences with someone, then accompany Mariana Umana, known as @ItsMarianaUs on Instagram, where she juggles her dazzling and impressive life of being a millennial mother while being a full-time entrepreneur. A few years ago, Mariana finally decided to follow her passions […]

Ava Johanna is the Founder and Creator of Academy of Breath, which Was Created After She Was Inspired to Follow the Meditation and Mindfulness Path as an Escape and Necessity for Everyone’s Stress

A breakthrough moment can change people’s lives forever. Whether it is seizing an opportunity or meeting someone new, these moments can connect people and open doors in ways they could not have imagined. This is what happened to Ava Johanna when a friend brought her to a yoga class to unwind from her stressful work […]

The power of “The Goldprint” to get amazing results on a small budget

There are great digital resources out there that one can read to stay current, but the best way to immerse yourself in more profound approaches of marketing and businesses is to know the leading books of such concepts. “The Goldprint” written by Said Elivar, is one of these leading books as it provides the knowledge […]

Meet Bryan Chavis: The Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Consultant and Real Estate Expert Helping Landlord Entrepreneurs Succeed

Bryan Chavis is a best-selling author and international speaker, apartment syndicator, and consultant. He has spent the last two decades building successful real estate ventures while running two businesses. Bryan currently runs two types of businesses intimately tied to real estate. First, the Multifamily Matrix Membership: a membership-based platform that awards industry award-winning in-demand certifications […]

Oleh Pylypiv Offers Retail and Institutional Investors Professional Services To Help Manage and Value Digital Assets Through the Imperium Equity Group

Oleh Pylypiv is a 24-year-old serial investor and entrepreneur from Ukraine based in the United States. He is a co-founder of Imperium Equity Group, a financial research firm that helps retail and institutional investors with professional services and information on digital assets.  In particular, Imperium Equity Group offers investors professional research, analysis and valuation of […]