A Pandemic with Shipping and Logistics Problems Made Jorge Medina Jr’s Business the Perfect to Solution the World’s Shipping and Logistics Problems

Today’s world has high demand for speed and efficiency. Consumers want and need things and they want and need them now. This was particularly important during the pandemic when people were uncomfortable going out or into stores, so they relied heavily on mail and other delivery methods in order to get their needed groceries, take out, house items, and so much more.

What this involved was a lot of logistics and coordination in order to make majority brick and mortar stores online and accessible. Whether that was physically getting the products from point a to point be or having the necessary equipment to make that change, it took a lot of planning and organization.

This is where Jorge Medina Jr and his business, AGOL Worldwide comes in. AGOL Worldwide offers hassle free imports to any country, which is crucial when so much of the world is still experiencing shipping backlogs.

“Shipping technology equipment globally is extremely complex for even the most experienced logistics experts. Most types of Telecom, and Electronic Equipment are highly regulated in many countries, requiring extensive import licenses and, in most countries, a local Importer of Record (known for short as IOR) is required,” Jorge explains.

For Jorge, he always found that figuring out problems and solving logistical issues was almost an outlet for him. This propelled him to start his own business where he could enjoy helping people solve their most complex logistical problems.

“I am the hardest worker in the room. Even as the founder, I still get involved in every operation because I simply love logistics. For me, logistics was my outlet. I have been working in the industry since I was 19 years old. You cannot beat someone who loves their craft,” Jorge remarks.

Even more important than his own love for the logistical world, Jorge saw that numerous companies, both large and small, were struggling with their planning and shipping needs. They could not find a reliable system to get what they needed to get done, so Jorge decided to step in and began his business.

“I was tired of seeing how larger companies I worked at could not solve logistics issues for many customers. AGOL Worldwide is an international logistics company and a tenacious industry player specializing in urgent logistics of telecommunication equipment, precision parts, networking, broadcasting equipment and automotive parts. An American based company, AGOL Worldwide is the brainchild of a group of young talented logisticians and entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry creating a new generation of logistics,” Jorge says.

To find out more about Jorge, you can follow him on LinkedIn here and check out his website here.

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