The Supernatural Gift of Mónica Zulhen and Her Global Impact

Mónica Zulhen is a spiritual guide and speaker who has created a unique and deeply spiritual business. She works in the field of Spiritual, Energetic, and Manifestation Consultancy.  In this role, she offers spiritual consultancy services, helping people and entrepreneurs,  understand and improve their lives and businesses  by connecting with their energy and vibration. Mónica […]

Juan Camilo Sanclemente: The Defender of Just Causes Who Transforms Lives

Juan Camilo Sanclemente is a lawyer and the president of the Defensa de Inocentes Foundation, a Colombian organization of lawyers specializing in strategic litigation. Founded in 2012, Defensa de Inocentes offers legal services throughout Colombia and also assists those who wish to invest in the country.  Additionally, he has been working in the Inter-American Human […]

Andrea Melendrez Is Creating Business Opportunities for Women in Latin America

Andrea Melendrez, better known as Andy, is a recognized female entrepreneur with over a decade of business experience and the CEO of Espacio Emprendedora. This platform assists women entrepreneurs in Latin America. Based in Mexico City, her first steps in the business began after she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Relations and entered the […]

Gabriel Fontes Lohr Revolutionizes Retirement Planning with the “Multiply Your Retirement” Method

Gabriel Fontes Lohr is the retirement strategies expert behind an innovative method that seeks to transform the financial lives of its clients. His method, “Multiply your Retirement,” focuses on strategies for retirement. Along with sharing his method, Gabriel offers one-on-one virtual advice, providing first-class service to his clients. He is dedicated to providing personalized financial […]

Breaking Barriers: Carol Ortega’s Trailblazing Path in Finance and Cannabis

In the vibrant world of the legal cannabis industry, one figure shines with skill and vision: Carol Ortega. With a strong background in finance and venture capital, Carol has left an indelible mark on the cannabis landscape in the Americas. From her financial consultancy, Muisca Capital, she has successfully advised more than 50 companies in […]

SADE, The New NK Profeta Release That’s Blending New Sounds in Latin Rap

Inside the Latin Rap industry, NK Profeta is famous for his successful career and well-recognized among his peers for his historic Beef to Residente.  Managing impeccable quality in his lyrics, this Venezuelan artist just released his new EP, ‘SADE,’ a declaration of his new identity and experimentation of different sounds. With this new album, NK […]