Renew Esthetics Medical Spa, By Idalis Bailey, Is A Successful Medical Spa That Has Been Providing Personalized Non-Invasive Aesthetic Services For Over 16 Years! Learn More Below!

 Renew Esthetics is distinguished by providing personalized non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments for over 17 years, Located in  Astoria, NY. The medical spa specializes in esthetic laser treatments, they focus on providing unique experiences to all their patients by offering a complimentary initial consultation with  comprehensive beauty information and education before starting  any aesthetic medical treatments  […]

From Credit Card Debt To Success: Nick Maciel’s Journey Behind Cadversity and I2P Accelerator

Nick Maciel, also known as “Chief Product”, is an entrepreneur, first-generation college graduate, and son of a Brazilian immigrant, who runs different companies including the notable product development agency Cadversity. “We work with motivated entrepreneurs and independent creators to deliver their own branded product to retail stores within 90 days, guaranteed,” says Nick. For each […]

Alejandro Zuluaga Is The Colombian Businessman That Is Positively Impacting The Lives Of Thousands Of People Through His Company, Molecular Economy

Alejandro Zuluaga Muñoz is an amazing entrepreneur and businessman. He is the CEO and founder of Molecular Economy, a successful company based in Medellin, Colombia, that is dedicated to financial markets, stock and over-the-counter business. In addition, Alejandro is a passionate strategist and leader who always focuses on people, not on numbers or money. In […]

Meet Julio Guedimin, The Investor, Businessman and Entrepreneur We All Should Be Listening To

Economies are powered by innovation. Much of that innovation derives from forward-thinking individuals who possess the drive, skills and background to turn a business vision into reality. The importance of entrepreneurs extends beyond the effect those individuals have on their own companies, however. They impact their broader communities and even the world. Entrepreneurs have played […]

Meet Octavio Pozos: Trading Expert and Entrepreneur

Octavio Pozos has a unique story in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. He was in his car with less than a dollar in his bank account when he realized he needed to do something to turn his financial situation around.  With the mindset that to earn more, you have to be worth more, he […]