With Q3 Ahead, Major Investment Player, Blackridge, Looks For Growth in The Middle East

Blackridge is a boutique alternative investment firm that focuses on identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities through a rigorous, research-driven strategy. Founded six years ago, it focuses on productivity improvement and wealth creation through investments done strategically.

Their investment strategy is rooted in the ability to identify positive market trends that can lead to increased productivity and wealth creation. The firm employs a research-driven approach to its investment decisions, leveraging the skills of their in-house research and quantitative teams to identify markets that can provide meaningful opportunity. Disruptive technologies, innovation, and global economic advancements are central to their investment philosophy.

In addition, there is a wide range of asset classes and locations in which the company invests. They offer private equity, private credit, equities, options, public debt and equity, growth equity, opportunistic, non-investment grade credit, real assets, and secondary funds. This multi-asset perspective allows Blackridge to build custom portfolios based on the unique objectives and risk tolerances of clients.

It’s centered on risk management and capital preservation in its investment approach. Their funds are managed using sophisticated risk analysis and stress-testing models to closely monitor the capability of its investments in managing through both positive and negative equity market cycles.

What sets the company apart is its research-driven investment strategy, diversified investment mandate, and risk management practices that aim to achieve long-term growth and value creation for clients.

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