Meet award winner and Acclaimed publicist- Tony Rocks Estrada

Meet Tony Estrada, better known as Tony Rock’s- Publicist, Entrepreneur, Communications Influencer, Tecla Award Winner Miami 2018, and owner of T. Rocks Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past years, Tony has successfully become one of the most recognized Latino publicists in the world of entertainment in Los Angeles. As a self made entrepreneur, […]

From Scrubbing Pots to Buying Yachts: Producer Michael Blakey’s Rise to the Top

With just one look at Michael Blakey’s Instagram, you know you’re looking at a man who has made it in the modern world. Sports cars, high-end watches, mansions, and penthouses abound as Michael shares his luxury lifestyle online. Yet Michael doesn’t do it to be vain, but rather to inspire – he wasn’t born into […]