Meet award winner and Acclaimed publicist- Tony Rocks Estrada

Meet Tony Estrada, better known as Tony Rock’s- Publicist, Entrepreneur, Communications

Influencer, Tecla Award Winner Miami 2018, and owner of T. Rocks Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA. Over the past years, Tony has successfully become one of the most recognized Latino publicists in the world of entertainment in Los Angeles.

As a self made entrepreneur, Tony’s passion in the world of PR is what drives him everyday regardless if it was business or pleasure. He started young in the PR world, mostly for radio and TV programs to cover the most important events such as the Latin Grammys, Premios Lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud and Latin Billboard- to name a few. His dedication has given him the honor of receiving great awards, among them in 2014, he received the recognition and award from Premios LGBT Hero Awards 2014, for being “the most popular in his community in Los Angeles. Also thanks to his dedication and previous experience, he transitioned to bigger things in order to meet his professional goals. 

As a result, he continuously strived to enhance entertainment culture through his own PR team T Rocks Entertainment in order to bring awareness for emerging artists that can diversify the industry further. In 2018, he was nominated for Premios Tecla Awards for Hispanicize Affiliated with Telemundo and won the award for Best Social Media Content Creator. Compared to other publicists in LA, his dedication is unmatched.

Like many entrepreneurs, Tony struggled to start T. Rocks Entertainment from scratch. Yet at the end of the day, success came thanks to his constant hard work and motivation throughout the years to get to where he is now.“I dedicated myself to finding ways to better myself everyday. I’m not the type to worry about others in the sense of comparing myself to see who has more. The sun comes out for everybody so we need to shine and let others do the same.” This shows that Tony truly cares about the people he works with as he truly wants his clients to shine.

Currently, Tony Rocks is one of the most influential Latino publicists in LA, which through his work, creativity and leadership contributes to the world of entertainment and continues to stay trendy and relevant regardless of the curve balls thrown by life.

For more information on T. Rocks Entertainment- check out their facebook and follow Tony Rocks on Instagram @tonyrocks 

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