Keerthi Krishnaiah- the Social Media Influencer and Actress in the Making

Meet actress and social media influencer Keerthi Krishnaiah. Based in Michigan, working as  Post Production/Marketing assistant at Kyyba Films, Farmington – MI. Keerthi has been a well rounded artist since childhood. Born and raised in India but moved to America to fulfill all her dreams. She has been recognized by Indian Producer K. Mustafa, for […]

Waves Prepares for the CryptoRevolusion

There’s no question that cryptocurrency is the future, especially in 2022. To start the year, Waves, a multipurpose blockchain platform’s main objective will be to encourage the community to continue to learn and adopt decentralized platforms. The world of cryptocurrencies every day becomes broader and more beneficial, that is why, with the passing of days, […]

WEMP – The Token Empowering All Women

Crypto was heralded for disrupting the traditional banking model, and is still a Wild West with the potential of success for many. Now it gets all the headlines in finance with thousands of options, yet all unique in their own way.  Introducing Woman Empowerment Token (WEMP).  WEMP is a defi and social cause ERC20 token […]