Waves Prepares for the CryptoRevolusion

There’s no question that cryptocurrency is the future, especially in 2022.

To start the year, Waves, a multipurpose blockchain platform’s main objective will be to encourage the community to continue to learn and adopt decentralized platforms.

The world of cryptocurrencies every day becomes broader and more beneficial, that is why, with the passing of days, it gains more strength in the world; however, there are many who know the information necessary to make its use more common.

With the firm objective that whoever wishes to be part of this evolution, Waves recently shared its knowledge at the CryptoRevolution event, which took place on December 22.

More than 10 speakers met to talk about cryptocurrencies and Waves. At the event, Sasha Ivanov, creator  and the CEO of Waves attended as well as relevant individuals such as Cripto_Profe, Michael Wrubel, Mundo Crypto, and Mani Thawani.

Attendees learned first-hand all the latest news related to cryptocurrency and the future it holds.


Waves is a multipurpose blockchain platform, or also known in the sector as a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since its birth in 2016 through an ICO, at an initial price of $ 0.18, Waves has grown and developed an ecosystem that is guaranteed to proclaim itself as a flawless system. Throughout its journey, its ecosystem has not had any security problems; in this way, users are guaranteed a feeling of confidence and tranquility when depositing their money.

Currently, the Waves ecosystem has 7 main projects, and a series of small projects running on its blockchain. In addition, Waves has a market capitalization of more than 1.7tn of market, positioning itself in the global TOP 70 of crypto assets and TOP 42 of cryptocurrencies

Waves Ecosystem

It has 7 main projects, among which the vast majority of liquidity moves:

Waves.Exchange ($ WX): The gateway to the ecosystem. This is the Waves decentralized exchange, where you can create your account and deposit money either by card or by depositing cryptocurrencies from other exchanges or wallets.

Swop.Fi ($ SWOP): Market Automatic Exchanger. It also acts as a decentralized exchange with AMM technology and classic interface. It also offers options to generate passive income such as liquidity pools, or governance rewards.

Vires.Finance ($ VIRES): Decentralized lending platform. You can lend or borrow money in a decentralized way, without limitations or prejudices to the person. You can earn rewards for lending your money.

Waves Enterprise ($ WEST): Waves’ hybrid blockchain. It offers services to real-life blockchain implementation companies and organizations with real use cases: Medical records, supply chain, blockchain voting, data warehousing, etc.

Neutrino ($ NSBT / $ USDN / $ EURN): The protocol for creating tokenized assets. Especially the creation of algorithmic stablecoins. This means that they are not backed with real money, but are self-regulating and have a value attached to the Dollar (USDN) or the Euro (EURN) among others.

WavesDucks ($ EGG): NFT game, the first in the world to implement a farming functionality with NFT. You can generate tokens by staking your NFTs on their platform. Currently creating a metaverse of games where you can earn money just by playing

Liquidity pools: Waves Exchange liquidity pools offer large APYs, and WX can be blocked to increase and boost generated APYs. This makes them a highly desired financial product by platform users and attracts new investors.

-High APY: The lowest APY is for the USDN / USDT stablecoin pool and it is offering a 20% annual return. The highest APY is from the WX / USDN pool, which offers 600% per annum.

-More pools to come: In a while more pools will be added with new returns to be able to operate in them.

-Rewards in WX: Receive rewards in WX for providing liquidity in the protocols. To summarize the most important points are these, what they want to highlight the most is the Pool (it is like a platform where you put crypto and it generates interest); they have one of the highest interest rates, 600% annual return.

For more information visit their website


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