Josue Juarez- The Successes of a First Generation Entrepreneur

Meet multifaceted entrepreneur and family man Josue Juarez. Growing up in South Central LA., Watts, CA.  in a low-income family with extremely low resources, pushed him to advance in life quickly, by getting creative and utilizing education as a tool to be versatile in the business world.  To support his family, Josue opened his eyes […]

Win-Win: Starch’s Plant-Based Packaging Propels Businesses to Achieve Sustainability Objectives!

Eco-friendly products are trending! However, many companies are struggling to make the switch to sustainable packaging. The transition for many companies is often too expensive, time-consuming and consumers truly prefer what they’re used to. Starch® manufactures and develops plant-based biopolymer technology that’s designed to replace single-use plastic packaging. Their mission is to streamline sustainable packaging to […]