Win-Win: Starch’s Plant-Based Packaging Propels Businesses to Achieve Sustainability Objectives!

Eco-friendly products are trending! However, many companies are struggling to make the switch to sustainable packaging. The transition for many companies is often too expensive, time-consuming and consumers truly prefer what they’re used to. Starch® manufactures and develops plant-based biopolymer technology that’s designed to replace single-use plastic packaging. Their mission is to streamline sustainable packaging to consumers, co-packers, private brands, and big box retailers. The company’s designs are inspired by the needs of nature and driven by consumer demand. “Starch’s vision is to oust single-use plastics without disrupting consumers’ lifestyles while making it economically viable for companies,” shared — J. Padilla, Founder & CEO of Starch®.

Today’s consumers are more observant and conscientious with their purchases. They are paying attention to companies who are socially responsible and are prioritizing the environment. Recent survey data found that 78% of consumers prefer to buy sustainable products. With Starch®, the process for businesses to switch to plant-based packaging is simplified. There is no refuting that sustainable options are a necessity of our future. According to an article by the Guardian, In 2019 the US produced the second most plastic pollution. This is a pivotal time for companies to seek out more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. As the markets move towards a circular-economy those who can make the transition early will be the pioneers of the industry and will secure longevity while building consumer loyalty.

To learn more, visit Starch’s website or follow them on instagram.

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