US Army shoots down China’s alleged spy balloon over the Atlantic

The US military shot down China’s suspected spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean, a US official said. The specific method by which the balloon was shot down is still unknown, but the order was given by President Joe Biden and was introduced and supported by the military leadership, according to the US official who spoke […]

Another Memphis police officer fired after violent arrest and death of Tire Nichols

Another Memphis police officer has been fired for violating multiple department policies related to the death of Tire Nichols, the Memphis Police Department said Friday. Former police officer Preston Hemphill was relieved of his duties for violating multiple departmental policies, including personal conduct and truthfulness, the Memphis Police Department said in a news release. Hemphill, […]

There are already more than 5,200 dead by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

At least 5,261 people in Turkey and Syria have been killed in the earthquake that struck the region on Monday. The death toll in Syria tops 1,712 after the Syrian White Helmets, also known as Syrian Civil Defense, said on Tuesday that more than 900 people have been killed in opposition-held areas. In government-controlled areas, […]