An American Airlines flight is diverted to the Raleigh-Durham airport for a troublesome passenger

American Airlines Flight 3444 was diverted to Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Wednesday due to a problem with a passenger, according to the North Carolina airport.

“At approximately 3:41 p.m., Flight AA 3444 out of Jacksonville to Washington, DC, was diverted to RDU due to a disruptive female passenger,” the airport said in a statement. “Upon landing, the aircraft was directed to gate C9, where law enforcement officers boarded the aircraft and took the suspect into custody.”

“The Embraer E170 was flying from Jacksonville International Airport, Florida, to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said.

The FAA told CNN Thursday that the ejected passenger charged through the cabin door. Spokesman Matt Lehner said the passenger “didn’t break it” but “did run towards it.”

Law enforcement removed the 24-year-old woman from the flight from Jacksonville to Washington after it diverted to Raleigh. The airline called the matter a “safety issue related to an unruly customer.”

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