Andrea Strada: More Than an Image Consultant, an Inspiration for Female Empowerment

In image consultancy, Andrea Strada is a well-known personality who strongly emphasizes the importance of substance in style and the significance of confidence in women’s empowerment. 

Andrea’s passion for fashion developed during her childhood in Puebla, Mexico. She loved playing dress-up in her mother’s wardrobe and experimenting with makeup. Beauty magazines like Vogue and Elle were constant sources of inspiration, as were fashion TV shows and her dream of walking the runways herself.

Her love for fashion was tested when she entered the modeling world in her early teenage years. During this time, she attended several castings and was confronted with a multitude of beauty standards and social expectations that appeared impossible to meet.

At the age of 15, Andrea found herself battling an internal war with her body; everyday things such as hormonal changes and social pressures had led her to develop anorexia and bulimia, two silent battles that threatened to make her life’s aspirations even harder.

But Andrea’s story turned toward hope when she sought professional help. With her family’s support and a skilled therapist’s guidance, she embarked on self-awareness and healing. This acknowledgment sparked a new passion within Andrea, igniting a fire to help others discover their inner beauty.

Andrea began her image consultancy business with a wealth of knowledge in fashion and a strong desire to make a difference. In 2014, “Andrea Strada” was born, a brand synonymous with integrity and authenticity, but mainly self-confidence.

“From this moment, I fell in love with the profession, and it was clear to me that in the future, I could also be that woman who would change the lives of other women who, like me, at some point felt uncomfortable, insecure, or of little value because of their image or her body.” Andrea shares.

She delved into makeup artistry and fashion guidance, honing her abilities to accentuate natural beauty. Instructing others became her vocation, as she imparted her expertise and enthusiasm to developing image consultants and fashion enthusiasts.

Today, through her work, Andrea has transformed the lives of over 700 women, helping them embrace their beauty, confidence, and individuality. 

“It inspires me to be different and not fit into what we have been told as women we have to be or do,” Andrea emphasizes.

Andrea’s success lies in her methodology, “Beauty With Essence.” This approach combines psychology, personal branding, and style to create a holistic image transformation experience. Through workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and experiential learning opportunities, clients embark on a personal exploration process.

She understands that true transformation goes beyond the superficial, delving deep into her clients’ mindsets to discover their inner essence.

“If you want to change your image, start by changing your mentality,” Andrea mentions. 

As Andrea looks towards the future, she aspires to continue empowering women through image consultancy and personal development. Her next venture is creating a digital business school for image consultants, including certifications, mentorship programs, and cutting-edge resources. 

Her career has significantly impacted her life and inspired numerous people to embrace their trust and genuineness.
To learn more about Andrea Strada, click here.

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