Anyela Damas: A Model , Actress , Influencer and CEO Accomplishing Her Dreams in Los Angeles.

Anyela Damas is a Cuban model, actress and influencer, currently living in Los Angeles, California. She also manages Damas, a small talent agency. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to work in the entertainment industry, and now she is achieving it.

Anyela grew up in a small and poor town in Cuba, without luxury nor opportunities to fulfill her dream of being an entertainer. When she moved to the US, she realized she was closer to her dream and decided to work for it. “I am very happy to develop myself in a career I love, and that with my work and effort I will continue to make my dreams come true”, she says.

Though, her first months in the US were not the best. Anyela was very sad to be separated from her home country, leaving many family and friends behind. Her mother, to cheer her up, enrolled her in a modeling and acting school. Here, she discovered that this really was what  she wanted to do. 

During college, she had classes in the day, made theater in the night and worked as a model and actress on the weekends. Despite being super tiresome, Anyela met many people that have helped on her way. Finally, when she saw the opportunity to build her own agency, she took it and started giving talented people the chance they want in the entertainment industry. “Damas Agency has given me the chance to hire and find projects for hundreds of talented people of all ages, genre and nationality”, she shares. 

Anyela herself has participated on TV series and soap operas, commercials, infomercials and in music videos, especially in genres like Mexican regional, arab, rap, reggaeton and many others. Under her agency, she provides the opportunity to her clients to work in similar environments and projects.

Additionally, through social media, particularly Instagram and Tik Tok, she has been able to be part of different campaigns from many recognized brands. Some of them are Shein, Pretty Little Thing, Revolve, Fabletics, Tarte Cosmetics, Revlon, Dossier Perfumes, Boxy Charm and others. She has also worked with hotels in Las Vegas and Hawaii, and with restaurants along the US.

Anyela believes it is crucial to be passionate about your career. Sometimes people can be influenced by friends, family or society, but you should always do what really makes you happy. Also, she states that your mind will keep you going through all the journey. “Our mind is super powerful and it is amazing how we can control our body and energies with our thoughts. Not everything will turn out the way we want to, but we can’t let that be an impediment to move on”.

To all that want to start a career in acting, modeling or as an influencer, Anyela recommends discipline. Everything requires many sacrifices and only by following the right steps, you will find what you want. She comments: “Never stop nor let anyone around you make you stop following your dreams. Being disciplined and professional will help you get good results in any career you pursue!”

For now, Anyela keeps focused on her agency, which she wants to grow with time. She is more mindful than ever about health, physical and mentally, and her energy. She states that “Only feeling well is how I can continue working hard in my career and business. You should always be your own first priority.”

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