ATYUM, Founded by Victor Perez, is Bringing Financial Systems into the Future with Blockchain Technology

Technology and finance are not often on the same page. Where technology has taken leaps and bounds in the past century, many of our financial institutions and tools have remained the same as the tools that our parents used with minor updates. However, that does not mean these two things cannot intersect. In fact, those who can harness the power of technology to create better and more accessible financial systems often find more success overall, and have more access to better systems for fundraising.

This is where Victor Perez comes in! Victor is an ambitious entrepreneur and the CEO of ATYUM. His business is geared towards helping those in the financial world leverage new fund sourcing solutions in blockchain technology to see better results. In other words, finding the perfect intersection – as he explains:

“We have crafted a unique model designed to empower and facilitate the growth and scaling of companies providing investment services via blockchain technology. Our venture exists at the intersection of finance and technology, and we leverage the potential of blockchain to deliver innovative solutions that assist businesses in expanding their reach and enhancing their services in the investment sector.”

Victor’s training is in industrial engineering, but after finishing school, he was put out of his job by the pandemic. To make ends meet, Victor took up teaching and found himself with more free time on his hands than he had originally anticipated. It was then that he started to research and understand further the possibilities that blockchain technology could unlock for people and how he could use that to start his own business. 

“Understanding the transformative potential of blockchain technology motivated me to harness it to help other businesses. I saw the opportunity to utilize this technology to solve complex problems and offer innovative services. This revelation sparked my entrepreneurial journey, leading to the foundation of my current business,” Victor states.

While much of the world was recovering from the pandemic, Victor was able to launch his business and keep it afloat because of his incredible mindset. When his business hit bumps in the road, his mentality got him through tough times.

“Mindset is absolutely critical when starting your own business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll encounter a roller coaster of emotions. There will be days when you feel on top of the world, like you can conquer any challenge. On other days, the weight of potential failure may loom large, and you may question whether you can carry your venture forward.

Throughout this journey, it’s crucial to remain grounded, and to remember to look back at the progress you’ve made,” Victor says.

In addition to his stoic and professional approach helping make his business successful, Victor Perez also differentiates himself from the competition by using a hybrid fundraising model. This hybrid model is focused on the deep integration of technology and financial systems for fundraising, but also does not exclude traditional financial systems if clients prefer those methods. 

Additionally, Victor and ATYUM have developed an incredible level of flexibility and adaptability in helping firms and individuals raise equity.

“We have a robust team of developers that allows us to modify our platform according to diverse client needs or even to develop decentralized applications (dApps) from scratch. This ability to offer customized solutions ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of our clients, further reinforcing our competitive edge,” Victor details.

Victor has many more incredible projects in the upcoming months. To keep track of everything Victor and ATYUM are up to, check out their website here.

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