Courtney Dyer Is Bringing Her Years Of Finance Knowledge To The Personal Finance Game Through The Financially Free Journey Podcast

One of the great benefits of the reach of social media and podcasts is the ability to communicate with a large audience very easily. Courtney Dyer understands this fully, and has used her platform to share and teach financial literacy with her over 100,000 listeners. Coutney has over a decade of experience in the financial industry helping people gain control and master their money. After seeing hundreds of clients make the same money mistakes over and over, Courtney was passionate about helping bring financial education front and center to the general public.

With this motivation at the forefront of her mind, Courtney decided to start her podcast, the Financially Free Journey Podcast, now with 60 episodes. 

“On my podcast, I aim to dispel seemingly complex topics like investing, retirement, debt, credit, savings and creating passive income streams to gain financial independence. I created the podcast knowing that there was a need to help simplify seemingly complex financial topics. Money is something that impacts every single person and the more education and knowledge someone has around their money, the more empowered and successful they will be with obtaining their money goals,” Courtney says.

Starting her own business, although difficult, seemed like a no brainer for Courtney and anyone who knows her. She always had a passion for understanding the complexity of how our financial markets work and how we can take advantage of those markets to be able to meet financial objectives. Ever since she was young, Courtney had a fascination for money. Since then, she’s always continued learning and growing to be able to help people meet their financial goals. Given the state of personal finances in the country, Courtney knew that she had a responsibility to share her knowledge. 

“Due to the lack of financial education in our country, we see over 70% of American adults not have access to $1,000 for emergencies. We see individuals rack up thousands of unsecured student loan debt that will take them a lifetime to pay, well before they are even old enough to drink. This is attributed to our country’s lack of formal financial education and I want to do what I can to empower people to make good decisions,” Courtney outlines. 

When she came to enter the personal finance consulting space, Courtney knew it would be crowded and difficult to break through. In her own words, the industry is home to many ‘gurus’ looking to gain an audience. At first, she found it difficult to differentiate herself and find a niche for her knowledge. Once she was able to fully understand and articulate her unique value proposition, she fine tuned her services and outlook toward it, and she’s been able to propel herself toward continued success. 

“By being able to define what differentiates me, I have been able to consistently create content for my audience that is helpful to them. My advice to someone trying to understand their unique value proposition is to ask yourself what benefit do you offer your customers, how do you solve your customers needs, and what makes you different from your competition? With that, you will be able to fill a gap in the industry,” Courtney outlines. 

This year, Courtney’s podcast reached the monumental milestone of over 100 thousand listeners. In the coming months, she has much to look forward to as she brings on subject matter guests to broaden the topic from just personal finance to also covering small business and entrepreneurship. 

The Financially Free Journey can be found at their website and Instagram

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