Daniel Ghersi Is Providing The Best Live Events And The Latest Technology Through His Successful Company Video and Motion Technology. Check Out More Below!

Photo: Feid.

Daniel Ghersi is a successful audiovisual director and entrepreneur, co-founder of the company “Video and Motion Technology”, a multimedia company with over a decade of experience, integrating audiovisual technologies into touring, nightlife and live events.

Daniel started working in the production of events in 2002 and five years later he created his own company, Sky Concept, dedicated to the production of videos. That way, he became the first provider of screens in Caracas, Venezuela, for a very large production business! Sky Concept was also the company chosen to work with David Guetta, Beyonce, Elton John, Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins, JLO and many others.

A short time later, producers and artists began to ask Daniel for advice for his tours as Video Director, so he began a long relationship with renowned singers and musical groups like Chino y Nacho and more. 

“This motivated me to look for new challenges and to start offering artists different types of shows mixing new technologies, making the tours not only musical but also an audiovisual experience. After moving to the US I worked with artists like Placido Domingo, Jason Derulo, Hugh Jackman, Carlos Vives & Gente de Zona”, Daniel shares.

This was how his new company, Video and Motion Technology, was born. It was created with the aim of providing audiovisual solutions for touring. In fact, they participated in Nacho’s tour in 2018 as video directors and in 2022 they also worked on the FEID tour.

Daniel and his team manage to stand out from the crowd because of the high quality of their productions and for the flexibility and creativity with which they work. They are always willing to work with new challenges, which is not always the case with other companies that are more conservative within the industry. 

In addition, Daniel is a really passionate person who deeply loves his work and is in the constant search for different and innovative audiovisual solutions, so that the public enjoys a unique and special show, worthy of being remembered.

“For me, success is seeing my clients satisfied, that people talk about our shows, that they talk about us. It is getting up every day and being where you want, doing what you love!”, Daniel adds.

But of course, not everything has been easy on his path. Daniel and his team has faced some challenges in the road to success, such as dealing with the covid-19 pandemic and the consequent global economy crisis. They were able to overcome this obstacle by being creative and putting a positive spin on the situation, so they created “Carpool Cinema Wynwood”, a project where they used their screens for the 80’s cinema format that gave them amazing results during the first year of pandemic.

Daniel plans to continue growing and expanding his company at all levels. They plan to be the #1 company in the United States in Video Mapping Projection and continue to develop and create spaces for new artists and clubs.

“This is just the beginning of many more years of creation and audiovisual productions directed by Daniel Ghersi and Video and Motion. I hope that every time one of our projects is broadcast anywhere it always has our essence and can convey the same love and passion that we feel for our profession”, Daniel concludes.

To find out more about Daniel, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check the Video and Motion’s website here.

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