Elon Musk supports “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams on Twitter after his racist comments

Elon Musk defended “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams after hundreds of newspapers stopped printing the comic strip over Adams’ recent racist comments.

Last week, Adams called black Americans a “hate group” and suggested that white people should “stay away from them.” Adams actually encouraged segregation in a shocking tirade on his YouTube channel. His comments came in response to a poll by the conservative Rasmussen Reports that said 53% of black Americans agreed with the statement: “It’s okay to be white.”

In response to a tweet about the controversy, Twitter owner Musk said Sunday that the “media is racist.” He did not criticize Adams’ comments, and Musk said without evidence that for “a long time the American media was racist against non-whites, now it is against whites and Asians.”

“The same thing happened with elite universities and colleges in the United States,” Musk wrote. “Maybe they can try not to be racist.”

Musk later concurred with a tweet in which he said Adams’ comments were “not good” but had an “element of truth.” He also accused the media of giving black victims of police violence disproportionate coverage to white victims of police violence. Blacks are more likely to be killed by the use of police force than whites, according to multiple studies.

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