From Bankruptcy To CEO, Joely Cuenca Shares Her Story and Knowledge To Empower Entrepreneurs

Founder of LVLUP Class, Joely Cuenca is a young e-commerce entrepreneur and business credit expert. Her story is quite unique – at the young age of 24, with two daughters and no job, she was forced to declare bankruptcy. However, through great perseverance, she was able to get through this life-changing situation, and turned it into a learning opportunity. After this, she was able to build success through e-commerce and has been empowering others by sharing her knowledge and formula for success. 

Joely was able to move on from her financial struggles by creating over 50 Walmart online stores and over 20 Amazon FBA sites. Her current financial success has allowed her to provide financial advice on investments and teach new business strategies that are changing people’s lives. By creating a profitable business model that worked for herself, she has been able to replicate it for many. In fact, LVLUP Class has helped many individuals who want to gain the necessary knowledge to start their own entrepreneurial lifestyle. 

Joely is proud to be a full-time mother, wife, teacher, who was able to start a brand-new line of work all at the same time during an uncertain world with many restrictions and fears.  

“First, I must thank God for his faithfulness in my life, for keeping us safe and healthy and for bringing the amazing team of people that has been there helping me build a bright future for my family and for others,” shares Joely. 

While her business has had great success and continues to grow, Joely aims to duplicate what she and her team have accomplished to this date throughout the rest of this year. By doing so, Joely wants to encourage more people to generate the sought-after passive income lifestyle that she has made possible for herself. 

Joely Cuenca is available on Instagram here. Learn more about the services provided through LVLUP Class and get involved by visiting their webpage.

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