From Circus Roots to Artistic Heights: The Inspiring Journey of Angela Nikolau

Angela Nikolau is an extreme creator and a painter, a name synonymous with daring heights and boundless creativity. She has taken the world by storm with her unique journey through life and art. With a staggering 700k followers on Instagram and 500k on TikTok, she has captivated audiences worldwide

Born into a circus family, her upbringing was anything but ordinary. With a llama as a household companion and a python in the bathroom, Angela’s childhood was immersed in the extraordinary. Her mother’s aerial stunts during pregnancy set the stage for her love of heights even before she was born, instilling in her a fascination with the world above.

You could say I loved heights even before I was born. I came from nothing thanks to my hobby, the pursuit of art and beauty,” Angela says

From these unconventional beginnings, Angela’s path led her to become a renowned artist and influencer. However, Angela’s artistic endeavors extend beyond social media. She ventured into the world of NFT art where her talent truly soared. 

I also create and sell NFT art, For a year I sold more than 70 works of nft worth more than 100eth” Angela explains

Her art has graced prestigious exhibitions such as ArtBasel Miami, NFT NYC, and Frieze in New York, even lighting up Times Square. Esteemed collectors, including Punk 6529, PabloPunkasso, and Giga Chad Pepe, have cherished her creations.

One of Angela’s defining traits is her unyielding spirit of rebellion. From her days in an Orthodox school, she was determined to stand out. Angela boldly altered her school uniform overnight, transforming a long skirt into a super short one; a testament to her unwavering desire to push boundaries. In her journey, she found a way to convey her message of breaking limits ecologically and inspiring others to do the same through her art and online presence.

I always knew that I was different, I was always a bit of a rebel, and I wasn’t attracted to the same path as all people,” Angela expresses

Angela believes that the most significant obstacles in creating a business are often self-imposed. She emphasizes the importance of persistence and experimentation, encouraging others not to give in to self-doubt. Angela’s philosophy is clear: keep moving forward, explore different approaches, seek help when needed, and success will follow.

Breaking stereotypes and gender norms, Angela’s ascent to prominence wasn’t without challenges. Denied the opportunity to climb rooftops with boys simply because she was a girl, she resolved to prove her worth. Angela’s journey led her to conquer heights that few dared to reach. Her mission isn’t just about feminism; it’s a testament to the strength and beauty of women, demonstrating that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

Earlier this year, Angela became viral again after she scaled the 2,227ft Merdeka Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To accomplish great feats like this, she relies on her mantra, which revolves around breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing the limitless possibilities of life. She emphasizes believing in oneself, akin to a creator of reality.

The main thing is to believe in yourself that you will succeed and not to stop yourself from going beyond the limits allowed in your head, to expand them and then you will get completely new results” Angela says

Fear, Angela believes, is often irrational and stems from childhood experiences that no longer hold relevance. She confronts her fears head-on, viewing them as opportunities for growth. Her philosophy is that the areas where fear resides are often the very domains where success awaits.

For Angela, success is synonymous with self-realization, the ability to live life on one’s terms, and pursue one’s passions.

Currently, Angela is preparing to unveil a groundbreaking collection, departing from her previous works by delving into the world of videos in the NFT space. She seeks to offer viewers a more immersive experience of her art and plans to host art performances in cities worldwide. Additionally, she hints at a significant project on the horizon, keeping it a closely guarded secret for now.

Angela’s journey hasn’t been without its detractors, as some misunderstood her art as promoting recklessness. Nevertheless, her mission remains steadfast: to help people confront their inner fears, become better versions of themselves, and view life from a different perspective.

What sets Angela apart in her field is not only her fearless rooftop adventures but also her commitment to turning them into art performances. Aesthetics and the visual impact of her work hold paramount importance. Each shot tells a story, and she goes to great lengths, like taking a custom-made dress halfway across the world for a single photo, to ensure perfection.

Financial freedom, according to Angela, is the ability to live life on one’s terms, working and traveling as desired, with peace of mind about the future.

Ready to break free and embrace your unique journey? Follow Angela Nikolau’s path, conquer your fears, and strive for success on your terms. Unlock your extraordinary potential today!

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