Learn Everything You Need To Know About Entrepreneurship And How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income In Almighty Enterprises: The Successful Community Created By Kris Almighty

Kris Almighty is quite a successful businessman and entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses such as credit repair, personal & business funding, an educational stock discord and crypto mining rigs. Plus, he offers mentorship on how to run each of these businesses and more.

Seeing how successful Kris is today, it’s easy to think that his start in the business world was easy. But quite the opposite. He grew up in a single parent household in the Bronx, NY. Growing up, he was involved in the wrong crowd, gang violence and such. Being a teenager, Kris decided he wanted to move to Florida and change his life, and so he did!

Time went by, he got his own place and he was working in the airport when the covid pandemic arose and everything got shut down. Like many people, Kris lost his job so he had to think really fast. He had a 5k savings so he decided to put it towards learning how to trade enterprises and into a trading account. He made 6 figures within a few months and from then he knew he could never work a regular job again. 

“I dedicated most of that money to learning new ways to make money. 3 years later, here I am with multiple 6 figure businesses and a 7 figure personal brand. I’m living proof it doesn’t matter where you’re from, who your family or friends are. What matters is who you want to be!”, Kris shares.

Currently, he wants everyone to have the same opportunity as him and to enjoy the financial freedom we all deserve. Seeing everyone around him fail or stay in the same rat race during his adolescence inspired Kris to do things differently. He knew he was better than that and he wanted more for his life.

If you don’t believe you can, you won’t. You have to believe this is gonna work 100%. Failure is not an option at all. You have to wake up everyday like it’s Monday morning, January first, all your bills are due, while your bank account has $0 available”, he adds.

To date one of his businesses, Almighty Stocks, a community with like minded investors building generational wealth through multiple sources of income, has been very successful and has positioned Kris as a leader within his industry. In it, there’s a plethora of education, daily signals, news, and bots for the USA stock market, as well as Slight crypto/forex education and more.

They provide for their entire community 85%+ signal hit rate, signals provided for both shares and options positions with specific contracts, scalp trading, day trading and swing trading signals for all trading styles, information on multiple sources of income, news and important information and many others!

“I’m me. I’m not competing with anyone, I run my business my way, without the thought of who else is doing the same as me. I will say I feel I am extremely genuine and transparent. I also make sure I deal with all of my clients since I will always be the face of what I’ve built”, Kris says.

He is currently working on expanding his different businesses and trying to get as many people as he can to connect and grow into his new network group, which offers tons of knowledge and information to all who join! Message him to join.

If you want to learn more about the market and build wealth, register here. You can also follow Kris on Instagram here.

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