Meet May Martinez: The Venezuelan Specialized In Newborns, Maternity And Family Photography Whose Creativity Stands Out

In life, everyone collects experiences and memories, some good and some bad. Sometimes we tend to make those memories or experiences last through a video or a photograph, whether it is a birthday, a marriage, a graduation, the birth of a child, or something else. Although thanks to the advances in technology today any of us can take pictures from our smartphones, certainly not all of us have the knowledge and expertise of a professional photographer who can ensure that a moment is captured forever with great quality.

May Martinez is a Venezuelan photographer with more than 13 years of experience who specializes in newborn, maternity and family photography. She arrived in the United States in 2016 after she had already run a successful talent agency and had started her photography career. 

“To be a Newborn photographer is a very gratifying experience. I don’t consider it a job, but an honor to know that mothers trust in me and allow me to hold that being that they had been waiting for a long time. It is beautiful to know that I am an important part of that once in a lifetime process for any family.” May Martinez shares. “That is also why it is so important not just to be creative and master lighting or have the best props. It is crucial, too, to have expertise and experience when it comes to being with the baby. It is important to learn how to treat a baby and put them in the positions desired for the photos, while always caring for the baby.” 

Everything started when May Martinez was working at a commercial production company, where she met Marcel Boldu her husband today, who at the time was one of the most recognized advertising photographers in Venezuela. Together, they founded and worked at El Clan talent agency. 

At the agency, May Martinez used to do weekly casting of photos and videos with new and existing talents in the day to day. Eventually, she realized that she had a particular interest in photographing babies and mothers.

“I remember that I lasted researching it until 3 am fascinated with this art. At the beginning, the images did not reflect what I wanted since I did not have the experience. I started with maternity because it was easier than dealing with a baby. I had to take into account the lighting and the poses. I would also practice with friends’ babies, but it was more complex–not only the lighting was important, but also the props and most importantly, the treatment of the baby.” she recounts.

That was 12 years ago, when May Martinez started doing maternity and baby photography. With that and her experience in commercial photography, she has identified the key to starting a business: passion, love for what you do, constancy, perseverance and discipline.

Today, with only five years in Miami, she has had the opportunity to photograph celebrities from various spheres of society, actresses, chefs, athletes, singers, among others. She has become a benchmark for newborn photography, pregnancies and families in the state of Florida.

“All photographers have a differentiating element. Although we know the same techniques or use the same equipment, we will always have a differentiating factor in terms of the perspective that each person gives to the subject that is being photographed. Everyone has their own style.” May states. “In my case, I like to be very versatile because taking the same shots bores me so I try to vary a lot. Overall, I love what I do, I look for excellence and care for the details“. 

For May Martinez the biggest challenge to starting her business was taking the first step and trusting that she was doing the right thing. For her, fear can actually be the fuel to achieve certain goals. Success, on the other hand, is being able to do what she is passionate about and to earn a living doing it.

In terms of mindset, May Martinez believes that anyone can have a creative mindset, but what matters is actually acting on it. To materialize ideas and be able to execute them. In 2021, she is looking forward to continuing to create more products and improve her craft.

Learn more about May Martinez and her work here.

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