OYA New Earth: A Unique Eco-Resort Experience for Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation

The world is ever changing and we often need time to take a break and reconnect with nature and our inner purpose. That is why it is important that there are platforms like OYA New Earth that provide wellness retreats for conscious leaders.

Michala Metzler and Mayan Metzler are the driving forces behind OYA New Earth, a groundbreaking platform that unites conscious leaders, healers, and innovators worldwide, and its sister company, OYA.health. 

OYA New Earth encompasses current and upcoming eco-resorts in various locations, including the Dominican Republic and Greece, and in the United States in Virginia and New York (Upstate and the Hamptons).

By immersing themselves in the OYA environment, clients gain access to unparalleled knowledge and exceptional service, ensuring they receive the highest level of expertise and care from our network of practitioners. Currently, open locations are in the Dominican Republic and Virginia. New York for private groups only. Greece is under construction and will be open in a couple years,” they share.

The impetus behind their business endeavor stems from a genuine desire to assist others. Their journey began fifteen years ago with the creation of projects aimed at uplifting humanity.

In 2017, after personally experiencing burnout syndrome, they established the non-profit organization My Planet, bridging the gap between ancient healing methods and modern medicine. However, the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 posed challenges to their work on a global scale.

To overcome these obstacles, Michala and Mayan envisioned physical spaces, or resorts, that would provide access to renowned healers, therapists, and wisdom keepers. Their aim was to offer transformative experiences for the body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing prevention over intervention.

This vision gave rise to OYA New Earth, a gathering place for conscious leaders to share their expertise, engage in mutual education, and provide clients with the highest quality of knowledge and service.

Launching and managing a venture of this magnitude comes with its share of challenges. For the team at OYA New Earth, one significant hurdle is the ability to be present in multiple locations simultaneously. 

Their undertaking encompasses not only physical resorts but also the OYA Academy for continuous education, the OYA Circle for marketing and business development support, and the customization of unique journeys for clients.

“Traditionally, projects follow a sequential process of planning, securing funding, and then commencing construction. However, we have taken a unique approach by self-financing and simultaneously initiating the building phase while refining our plans. As a result, the funding aspect has just now become a current focus for us.” Michala explains

With a comprehensive range of modalities spanning neuroscience, biohacking, ancient healing practices, and plant medicine, OYA empowers individuals to achieve balance and transform their lifestyles. The eco-resorts themselves, sprawling across hundreds of acres, provide unparalleled privacy, luxury, and a profound connection with nature.

In addition to OYA New Earth, Michala and Mayan have launched OYA.health, a groundbreaking initiative focused on preventative technologies in the wellness industry. By targeting wellness providers, hotels, and spas, OYA.health aims to make integrative solutions accessible to a wider audience, expanding the reach of healing technologies.

As entrepreneurs, Michala and Mayan emphasize the importance of aligning goals with a strong foundation. Their advice to aspiring business owners is to stay attuned to their purpose and ensure their endeavors are built upon solid principles. 

No one else will do the job for you. Your vision and inner guidance are always worth listening to. Trust your gut feeling.” Michala states.

Looking ahead, their upcoming projects include opening OYA New Earth in the Dominican Republic and Virginia in the fall of 2023, and launching OYA.health in six states around the US.

Explore OYA New Earth and OYA.health to find a transformative journey that fits you. Experience luxury eco-resorts, connect with top healers, and access a wide range of modalities. Discover cutting-edge preventative technologies and integrative solutions. 

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