Richard Fernandez, Also Known As the Mystical Spiritist Works To Enlighten the Lives of Others

Richard Fernandez, also known as Mystical Spiritist, has experienced supernatural events since he was a child. As he grew older and more mature he learned to take advantage of the energy provided by these supernatural events to help people and enlighten their lives. 

“I am a spiritualist, medium, priest of various Afro-Caribbean religions, but above all human.” Richard shares. 

Richard currently runs Mystical Spiritist, a business focused on Afro-Caribbean based spiritual upliftment not limited to any one type of spiritual life or path. This type of business is based on the authenticity of spirituality and is always transparent.

I provide services such as spiritual coaching, life coaching, tarot readings, mediumship, reiki healing, spiritual cleansings, shell divination, spiritual awakening sessions. I work alone in this business as a mystical spiritualist. I ensure that everything is scheduled and attended to at all times. I do collaborations frequently with other spiritualists but work independently under the Mystical Spiritualist brand.” Richard explains.

Richard realized that spiritualists offering spiritual services that are “in vogue” lack authenticity in the sense of bringing truth, real spiritual healing, and most importantly, change, so he felt it was time to make a change and that’s when he decided to run his own spiritual business that brings the change that is sought.

In an industry that is too saturated with false promises, seductive facades and vulnerability on the part of believers, I felt it was my responsibility to bring change and create an industry that is spiritually transparent with reality, truths and a safe space for spiritual expression and exploration to soar.” Richard states.

In every type of business and in all industries, it is inevitable to find at some point along the way with one or more obstacles. In Richard’s case, his biggest obstacle was his fear of failure.

Fear of failure was always my main obstacle. I had all the spiritual tools and guidance that kept me afloat, but it was myself that had to come to the conclusion that I was not going to fail. And I didn’t fail.” He says.

Richard differentiates himself from other spiritualists in that he is at all times as transparent as possible with his clients. They are not considered a number or a financial gain, but rather they are the genuine reason he started his business.

“I respond and interact one on one with each client. I genuinely care about people’s spiritual growth and spiritual healing. Unlike many other spiritualists, I work around the clock to ensure that clients are satisfied with every spiritual service provided every time. A person’s status does not matter to me when seeking spiritual assistance. I have worked with high profile celebrity clients as well as neighborhood clients. All are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.” Richard adds.

Richard strives to uplift everyone who crosses his path. He has worked with people not only from all over the United States, but also from Europe, including some celebrities. Through it all, his mission continues to be to enlighten and uplift all people regardless of their social status.

The reintroduction of services such as spiritual coaching, life coaching and spiritual sessions are to be re-announced before the end of the year. The Mystical Spiritist brand will also be launching a variety of new spiritual products such as soaps, body washes and bath bombs made from herbs and Afro-Caribbean ingredients.” Richard says.

In the near future, Richard is focused on collaborations with other spiritual business owners as well as different events that are being rescheduled for the spring of 2022 in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida as scheduled on the agenda. 

Find out more about Richard and Mystical Spiritist here.

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